Important Essential Oils

An essential oil is a liquid that is distilled from the leaves, stems, flowers, bark, roots, and various other components of a plant. Essential oils are not the same as Fragrance Oils – although essential oils are quite fragrant! Essential oils come from highly concentrated plant constituents. Essential oils contain antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties.  They can be used for medicinal, therapeutic and cosmetic applications.


Which Essential Oils Should You Own?

Peppermint – Many of you have are aware of peppermint’s ability to calm nausea and sooth an upset tummy. Peppermint also relieves headaches, heartburn and indigestion. Gently inhaling Peppermint is a great way to open and clear the sinuses. Inhaling Peppermint will also give you a boost of energy!

Screen shot 2014 04 04 at 11.54.51 AM 300x215 Important Essential Oils


Lavender – Some of the wonderful qualities of Lavender include the following: antidepressant, pain-relieving, antihistamine, antitumor, antimicrobial and more! When added to a carrier oil (coconut oil is my favorite) Lavender can be used as a mosquito repellant, a cure for cold sores, dandruff, yeast infections, etc.

Screen shot 2014 04 04 at 11.56.05 AM 300x237 Important Essential Oils


Lemon – The Essential Oil of Lemon is an excellent antiseptic – with antifungal, antiviral, anticancer and antioxidant properties. Similar to Peppermint, the aroma of Lemon is great for energy.

Lemon Oil 300x225 Important Essential Oils


Tea Tree Oil – Tea Tree Oil is a powerful antifungal and is well known for its strong antiviral properties. Tea Tree Oil is great for treating wounds and skin fungus.

Screen shot 2014 04 04 at 11.58.03 AM 300x209 Important Essential Oils


Oregano – Oregano promotes a healthy immune system. Oregano oil is highly concentrated, so it must be added to a carrier oil before being used. One drop of Oregano will go a long ways. Oregano is an antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal oil. It is also a great disinfectant.

Screen shot 2014 04 04 at 11.59.03 AM 300x242 Important Essential Oils


There are many Essential Oils that promote good health and vitality. To learn more about Essential Oils, check out these excellent resources -

21 Things You Should Know About Essential Oils –

5 Essential Oils You Shouldn’t Be Without –

What are Essential Oils?


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PrepperFest AZ

PrepperFest AZ was fantastic. For those of you who missed it, the Expo was held at the AZ State Fair Grounds. Over the course of the three-day show, thousands of people came through the Expo hall. The crowd was awesome and focused – many of them eager to add to their current supply or ready to learn more tricks of the trade. The vendors were incredibly knowledgeable and friendly. Unfortunately, there were so many vendors that we were unable to speak with everyone! (Which is an excellent problem to have at a PrepperFest.) Here’s a brief list of some of the vendors we had a chance to chat with –

Med Packs USA - Where do I even start with this one? This company offers first aid kits, medical packs, 72-hour survival kits, water treatments etc. The medical kits are excellent, but individual items are also available. Med Packs USA sells over 100 individual items! Their pricing is competitive, so check them out

 PrepperFest AZ  PrepperFest AZ

Snappy Grip - The name says it all! The Snappy Grip is an excellent ergonomic handle – “Say, GOOD BYE to numb fingers or the ache of arthritis. It can reduce hand fatigue by more than 50% buy distributing the weight over more of the surface area of your fingers, which will reduce the possibilities of arm, back, and shoulder injuries. Whether you’re a handyman, painter, plumber, fisherman, gardener, camper, homeowner, trapper, pet owner or international traveler, this product is a must!”

 PrepperFest AZ

Survival Slingshot - One of the things that I love about the Survival Slingshot is the compact size. You can take it with you everywhere! The Survival Slingshot features a watertight chamber that has enough room to store matches, fishing line, ammo, wire saws and many other items. This thing also has optional archery and bow fishing attachments. How cool is that?! For more information, check out their website

 PrepperFest AZ

Steel Shield Security Doors – As the name suggests, this company supplies steel custom security screen doors, sun screens, window guards, gates and steel entryway enclosures for your home. Sean Fehl was there to represent Steel Shield Security Doors and the PrepperFest Expo this weekend. He was friendly and informative. We encourage all of you to take a look at this website

 PrepperFest AZ


Overall, we had a terrific experience at PrepperFest AZ! It is always refreshing to be surrounded with like-minded individuals. We look forward to the next prepper show! If you have any questions about the vendors we listed in this blog, please leave a comment or a message.

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What is the best tactical knife?

Tactical knives are a crucial piece of equipment for preppers and survivalists. Knives are more than just weapons, they are tools that can be used for various survival purposes. Selecting the right knife can be a serious challenge. The debate over which knife is the best has yet to be concluded, but there are a few knives that are considered favorites among the prepper community.

 Great Survival Knives

Ka-bar – The United States Marine Corps first adopted this combat knife in 1942. Traditionally, the Ka-bar has a 7 inch 1095 carbon steel clip point blade and leather-washer handle. This classic weapon and tool is known for being sturdy.

1217 h lg 300x91 What is the best tactical knife?


M9 Bayonet – This is another knife implemented by the United States Marine Corps. The M9 is a multi purpose knife with a 7-inch blade. It is issued with a sheath designed to double as a wire cutter.

(Bid now on Bayonets)

Screen shot 2014 03 03 at 2.08.32 PM 300x264 What is the best tactical knife?


JUNGLAS ® (ESEE)- “Pronounced “Hoonglas” Named After the Colombian Jungla Special Operations Forces Designed For Latin American Jungle And Counter-Narcotics Operations” The overall length of a Junglas is 16.5”, with a blade length of 10.38”. All ESEE knives are made from high carbon 1095 steel.

junglas 246x300 What is the best tactical knife?


Cold Steel Trail Master – This knife has a 9 1/2 “ blade made out of O-1 High Carbon Steel with a 5″ Long Kray-Ex™ handle. They are precision ground, heat-treated and Mar Tempered. This is a larger fixed knife, which is good for heavier tasks.

39L16CT m 300x199 What is the best tactical knife?



The list can go on and on. We want to hear your recommendations! Do any of these knives make your list? Would you suggest other knives? Tell us about it!

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Prepper Tips From The Walking Dead

Warning: I will be discussing some of the scenes from the latest episode of AMC’s The Walking Dead. **Spoilers Ahead**


spoiler 300x300 Prepper Tips From The Walking Dead

There were two important subjects in the last episode of AMC’s The Walking Dead –

 Firearm Safety

Never give someone a rifle unless they know how to use it. The mullet-sporting scientist is lucky the only thing he killed was the 5-ton Military vehicle. Everyone in your party should have proper training on how to use the weapons you are bringing – especially firearms. There is no wiggle room here. If someone doesn’t know how to use a firearm then they should not carry one.

[Why not drive your own 5-ton Military truck? Bid now! ]


Screen shot 2014 02 26 at 1.47.11 PM 300x204 Prepper Tips From The Walking Dead



Stranger Danger

Beware of strangers! On The Walking Dead, Rick and his crew have encountered many strangers. Some of them are good, and some of them are bad. No matter what, trust is something that should be earned. We do not need to fear the zombies in the post-apocalyptic world. We need to fear the people who are not prepared and are willing to harm others, rather than work with them, in order to survive.

walking dead season 2 zombies 300x211 Prepper Tips From The Walking Dead


I leave you with two questions -

Has your party prepared for the use of firearms?

Have you discussed with your group how best to avoid strangers? Or how to properly acclimate new people into your survival group?


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What The Walking Dead has taught me – A preppers perspective

Today’s blog is [mostly] for fun… Please keep that in mind while you are reading!


I have always been a fan of horror movies, TV shows and books. So, it should be no surprise that I love The Walking Dead. This show isn’t just about killing zombies. It’s about surviving in a world where there is no law and order. From a preppers viewpoint, I believe there is a lot to learn from this show. Maybe that sounds crazy to you, but let’s discuss some of the important issues in the most recent episode of The Walking Dead.

Screen shot 2014 02 17 at 12.36.53 PM 300x143 What The Walking Dead has taught me   A preppers perspective

From AMC’s The Walking Dead


**Spoilers ahead**


In the most recent episode of The Walking Dead – Inmates, we see that everyone has gone in different directions. Here are the groups –


Daryl and Beth – These two are polar opposite. I wonder if this will turn into a potential love connection… Hmm.

Screen shot 2014 02 17 at 12.42.37 PM 300x255 What The Walking Dead has taught me   A preppers perspective

From AMC’s The Walking Dead

Tyreese, Lizzie, Mika and baby Judith – Lizzie has sort of turned into a psychopath. I’m worried about her. Carol returns and is surprised to find that Tyreese doesn’t know she is the one who killed his girlfriend. Awkward.

Tyrese+3 300x190 What The Walking Dead has taught me   A preppers perspective

From AMC’s The Walking Dead

Maggie, Sasha and Bob – Maggie is hellbent on finding Glenn (duh). Sasha believes her brother is dead. Bob seems pretty… happy. He’s always been a little odd.

TWD Cast S4 Lauren 590x375 300x190 What The Walking Dead has taught me   A preppers perspective

From AMC’s The Walking Dead

Glenn and Tara - Glenn wakes up alone at the prison. He puts on his riot gear and takes off, but not before rescuing Tara from her pity party.

TWD Cast S4 Glenn 590x375 300x190 What The Walking Dead has taught me   A preppers perspective

From AMC’s The Walking Dead

Okay – so the groups are kind of unusual, but weird things happen when a crazy man commanding a tank is destroying your prison compound. So, what has this last episode taught us?

1) Plan ahead and designate a place to meet in the event of an emergency. When the grid goes down you won’t be able to use your cell phone. That is why having a meeting spot is so important! Why Rick and his group failed to think of this is beyond me. Oi!

2) Pack your emergency vehicle ahead of time. In last night’s episode, we were able to see inside of the prison evacuation bus. One of the first things I noticed was the lack of emergency supplies/bags inside. Of course, all of that could have been destroyed by the Walkers, but we’ll never know. Anyways, placing extra water bottles and dry food in your vehicle ahead of time is a great idea, but there are some climates where this plan is not feasible. If this is the case where you live then be sure to have a few Go Bags placed around your home. If you place a Go Bag at every exit in your home then you will have more options when it’s time to get the heck out of Dodge.

3) Be aware of your company… Don’t travel with potential serial killers (Lizzie). I realize that people might lose their ‘cool’ in an emergency situation, but try your best to travel with people who do not have murderous/violent tendencies.

4) Drive a Military Vehicle. If we have learned anything from The Walking Dead it’s this – People who drive MVs in the post-apocalyptic world are badass (and maybe a little crazy). Does the truck in the photo below look familiar? [This M923A2 5-ton can be purchased here]

Screen shot 2014 02 17 at 1.35.06 PM 300x222 What The Walking Dead has taught me   A preppers perspective


That’s all I have! What did you guys learn from last night’s episode? Do you think they will ever find each other?

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A Successful Prepper Is a Healthy Prepper

The most successful prepper, in my opinion, is the prepper that lives a clean and healthy lifestyle. This means eating well and exercising regularly. [This is an addendum to the previous blog ‘’Get Out of Dodge – Get In Shape”]

 Exercise is not a competition

I want to be very clear when I discuss exercise. Most of us will not be able to run a marathon in the next 24 hours. In fact, some preppers will never be able to run a marathon. However, do not be discouraged if your level of physical activity is less than another person’s physical activity. Competition can be fun, but not when it comes to your health and exercise. Set manageable and conquerable goals for yourself. Walk 15 minutes a day, 5 times a week. Gradually increase the time after a few weeks. Riding a bike is also great exercise. Riding a bike is low impact, so your joints should be not inflamed after you are done with this exercise. If you start by riding a bike once a week, you will eventually graduate to riding your bike 3-5 times a week. Setting realistic goals is the only way to getting your health on track!


**If you’re looking for affordable/inexpensive exercise equipment**

Treadmill –

Screen shot 2014 02 10 at 9.50.42 AM 300x248 A Successful Prepper Is a Healthy Prepper

Pump it Up –

Screen shot 2014 02 10 at 9.54.41 AM 300x300 A Successful Prepper Is a Healthy Prepper

Mountain Bikes –

Screen shot 2014 02 10 at 9.55.53 AM 300x251 A Successful Prepper Is a Healthy Prepper


Eat Healthy Whole Foods!

Clean eating is kind of an ambiguous statement. I am not a nutritionist but I have met with many, and part of being pregnant means being lectured several times on the importance of nutrition. So, I can confidently say that I have a fair amount of knowledge on the subject of clean eating. Clean eating simply means eating foods in their most natural state (organic meats, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and food labels that contain 3 ingredients or less…) To keep this short, we’ll jump right to the super foods you should be eating – unless you have a food allergy.


  • Black Beans – 1 cup of black beans has 15 grams of protein.
  • Oats – Oats are high in fiber. Oats are full of healthy carbs that boost your metabolism and burn fat.
  • Avocados – Avocados are full of protein, fiber, and healthy fats. Also, the oleic acid found inside of Avocados will help you fight hunger pains.
  • Blueberries – 1 cup of Blueberries is only 80 calories. Blueberries are full of antioxidants and fiber.
  • Broccoli – Broccoli is considered a super-food because of its cancer preventing powers. You can eat this raw or cooked.
  • Brown Rice – Brown rice is rich in fiber and resistant starch.
  • Almonds – Like all nuts, Almonds are rich in healthy fats. Almonds are high in protein, also.
  • Spinach – Spinach is loaded with vitamins (A, K, D and E). Good source of Omega 3 fatty acids.


There are several other Super Foods, but I wanted to list some of my personal favorites. For more information on Super Foods, check out this article – Best Super Foods for Weight Loss

I am here to support you!

Before worrying about possible apocalyptic scenarios, worry about your health. A healthy and physically active person has a better chance of surviving Off the Grid than a person who sits on their butt all day. I have said it before and I will say it again – I am always here to support you! If you need motivation then send me a message or post a comment. I would love to encourage all of you to take one step closer to a healthy lifestyle!

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Get Out of Dodge – Get in Shape!

A very popular acronym among preppers is G.O.O.D. This stands for Get Out of Dodge.  When there’s a danger or threat in your area and you are unable to stay in your home, it’s time to get the heck out of Dodge. If you plan ahead, you will already know how you are getting out of town and where you are going. In the ideal world, we would get in our vehicle and drive away from the danger. Unfortunately things don’t always go that smoothly. That is why preparing for worst case scenarios will make you feel prepared for any disaster that is thrown your way.

 Plan For The worst

Screen shot 2014 01 20 at 11.33.42 AM 300x214 Get Out of Dodge   Get in Shape!

Let’s begin by discussing your get out of Dodge plan. Worst case scenario – you don’t have a car. [If you’re at home] it’s time to put on those walking shoes, grab your Go Bag and hit the road! Wait… I’ve completely skipped over the most important variable – your health! Adrenaline will only get you so far.


Get Physical!

letsgetphysical 202x300 Get Out of Dodge   Get in Shape!

Your physical health will be the number 1 reason why you survive off the grid. It is imperative that you condition your lungs and legs for long distance walking. This is especially important for the elderly and pregnant women. You don’t have to run a marathon. You just need to get out and walk! Walk as much as you can and your body will grow more accustom to walking long distances.  Walking long distances will get easier, but you will probably notice a few pains along the way. For me, my hands start to swell. This happens to everyone, but especially to pregnant women. The only thing that combats the swelling is by walking with my hands higher than my waist. Carrying water bottles is a helpful reminder to raise my arms while I am walking. If you do not want to carry anything in your hands then try wearing a backpack while you walk. You can hook your hands or thumbs under the shoulder straps.

Set Reasonable Goals!

28321879 300x206 Get Out of Dodge   Get in Shape!

If your first workout goal is to jog for 30 minutes, and you have never run a day in your life, then you are probably setting yourself up for failure. Start with small, manageable goals. Walking for 15 minutes, 5 times a week is a manageable goal. You can always adjust your goal! Walk for 30 minutes, 3 times a week. Try walking with a ‘sense of purpose’. Building up an endurance should be your biggest physical goal. Your endurance is what will save you.

It’s Never Too Late To Start

Screen shot 2014 01 20 at 11.27.06 AM 242x300 Get Out of Dodge   Get in Shape!

Vehicles are great when we need them, but there is no guarantee that the roads will be open during an emergency. This is why it is so important to be physically healthy. I hate to be dramatic but, being able to walk/hike out of town could mean the difference between life and death. It is never too late to start walking. Even if you are walking at a snails’ pace, be encouraged that you are getting your butt out of that chair! We know that it can be challenging to self-motivate. If you are ever looking for a cheerleader or a supportive ear, please feel free to comment on our blog. We will support you to the best of our ability! Good luck!

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Pregnant Prepper: Building a Bug Out Bag

Building and maintaining a bug out bag is top priority for a Prepper. In case you are unfamiliar, Bug Out Bag is a term that refers to a pre-packed emergency bag. This emergency bag should contain items that one would need in order to stay alive for 72 hours.

562114981 225x300 Pregnant Prepper: Building a Bug Out Bag


A basic Bug out Bag should have –

  • A flashlight + extra batteries
  • A fire starter (something water proof)
  • Water (Camelbacks are great)
  • Food (Dry goods and canned goods are best)
  • A first aid kit
  • Required Daily Meds (Have at least a week’s worth)
  • Maps (Non-digital is preferable)
  • Sanitation Supplies
  • Battery or crank operated radio
  • Current Photo ID
  • Plastic Tarps (For Shelter)
  • A Knife (I prefer a bayonet)
  • Insect Net
  • Poncho Liner
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Backpack


This is a very basic bug out bag. You will need to tailor your bag for your own personal needs. Now that I am pregnant I will have to reexamine my own Bug out Bag. For example, pregnant women cannot take Ibuprofen, so I will replace mine with Tylenol. I will also have to check the contents of my food storage. This can be a pain because most OBs give an extensive list of ‘bad foods’ to their patients. Most canned goods will be considered questionable (check with your OB). Dry goods like dried fruit, nuts, and crackers are safe. To make up for the food that I have to take out of my emergency bag, I will keep a consistent supply of fresh fruit at my house. Apples and Oranges will stay fresh for awhile.

 Stay Home If You Can!

Before making the decision to get out of Dodge, assess the emergency situation and decide whether or not you can stay in your home. This is especially important if you are pregnant. Staying where you are should be your first choice. If you need to leave then be sure wear the best walking/hiking shoes you own. The roads may be blocked, so prepare to walk for a bit. Take frequent breaks and drink lots of water.


Preparing to get out of Dodge and living off the grid will be covered in the next blog. Please stay tuned, and feel free to leave any questions!

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Pregnant Prepper Update: Part 1

I knew I wanted to blog about Prepping and Pregnancy from the moment I found out I was pregnant. I thought blogging about pregnancy and prepping would be a synch… Well, I can definitely tell you it’s not! The problem is not that I only have a few things to discuss. The problem is that I have experienced a very unexpected pregnancy side effect…

Let me begin by saying how lucky I am to have had such an easy pregnancy – so far (I’m almost 24 weeks). Everything is going very well! I am healthy, and so is my growing baby boy. While physically I feel awesome, there are times that I feel like my brain has fallen out of my head.

I’m losing my mind… Sort of.

Pregnancy Brain – This is a real thing! Obviously pregnancy brain isn’t a medical term (or maybe it is?) but that’s what I’m going to call it. The only way I can describe pregnancy brain is by comparing it to a ‘brain fart’ that lasts for several hours. It’s embarrassing at times. The simplest of tasks can become quite challenging. Sometimes I struggle with putting a coherent sentence together. I feel like I ‘lose my words’ a lot and that is quite frustrating. There’s not enough research to determine the cause of ‘pregnancy brain’. Some doctors believe the surge in hormones is a contributing factor. Others believe that there can be a lack of oxygen to the mother’s brain during pregnancy. Whatever the reason, most women do experience forgetfulness during pregnancy. The only way to really combat this is by getting more sleep, eating healthier food, and plastering sticky notes everywhere!

pregnancy brain 300x199 Pregnant Prepper Update: Part 1

I want to thank all my prepper friends who have asked about my pregnancy! I appreciate your interest in this little journey of mine. I have been feeling less foggy lately, so I hope to share Part 2 with you soon!

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Survive the Winter with a Generator

‘Cold’ is an understatement when describing the historic weather we are experiencing today!

“On Monday morning, Nashville was 40 degrees colder than Albany, New York. Memphis, Tennessee, was 20 degrees colder than Anchorage, Alaska. And Atlanta was colder than Moscow.” From

One of the first things you need to prepare for during a winter storm is the loss of electricity. If you have a backup power source, you can survive just about anything. We think a Generator is an excellent investment when it comes to preparing for winter. In fact, a Generator is good when preparing for any natural disaster!

If you’re looking for a 5 kW, 10 kW, 15 kW, or even a 155 kW Generator, then check out this Auction. The Generators are located all over the country! Be sure to sign up on the website if you are considering bidding. The Auction opens 01/16/14 (that’s next week!).

Screen shot 2014 01 06 at 11.34.14 AM 300x264 Survive the Winter with a Generator Screen shot 2014 01 06 at 11.36.06 AM 300x240 Survive the Winter with a Generator

Screen shot 2014 01 06 at 11.37.20 AM 300x238 Survive the Winter with a Generator

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