Build Your Own Doomsday Bunker!

The recent Earthquake in Japan left people all over the world shaking. Many of the Doomsday fanatics relate this Earthquake to the events that are awaiting us in 2012.

2012 Approaches!

As the year 2012 approaches, concern about the unknown is growing. Former naysayers are beginning to prepare.  The biggest concern for people is whether or not they will be able to protect their families when a series of catastrophic events begin. What if 2012 means that there will be several large Earthquakes, tsunamis and tornadoes?  Is this something that we can prepare for, now? The answer is YES!

Vivos Underground Shelters

Today, CNN Money featured a story on Bunkers that are being built by Vivos. Vivos builds large underground shelters. These shelters can fit 200-900 people. People are want in and they are willing to pay $25,000 to reserve their spot in the underground shelter. The Apocalyptic bunker is more like a swank hotel, according to Vivos CEO. The underground shelter has “pool tables, lounges, kitchens, a bakery, dental facility and medical center”.  Sounds great but who has $25,000 just floating around? The shelters are not quite finished yet and there will only be 5 shelters built across the United States. Although they are keeping the shelter locations a secret, who is to say that a swarm of people won’t figure out where the underground bunker is and show up at the front door on Doomsday? Also, I’d like to point out that if the 5 shelters fit only 950 people then a total of 4,750 people will be saved. About 307,000,000 people live in the United States and 6,775,235,741 live in the world.  So here is my question: what about everyone else?

Create Your Own Bunker and SAVE $24,500!

You don’t need $25,000 to reserve your spot in the underground shelter. You can make your very own bunker from Government Surplus. We sell many different kinds of shipping containers that can be doubled as bunkers.  These bunkers were used by the U.S. Military and if they were safe enough for our Military to use then why not make one of these containers your very own family bunker?  Not only can you buy a bunker from Government Liquidation you can buy all kinds of survival gear that will prepare you for any doomsday. We have generators, large water containers, 5 ton trucks, boots, jackets, bayonets… etc. Everything is sold in an auction… This is the best Bunker deal you’ll find because YOU make the price.

33258745 300x225 Build Your Own Doomsday Bunker!


33663433 300x225 Build Your Own Doomsday Bunker!


334369531 300x225 Build Your Own Doomsday Bunker!

250 gallon collapsible water container

33697929 300x225 Build Your Own Doomsday Bunker!

5 ton truck

33612221 300x225 Build Your Own Doomsday Bunker!


33741445 225x300 Build Your Own Doomsday Bunker!


32943156 300x225 Build Your Own Doomsday Bunker!


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  1. UM... says:

    Is this company still auctioning goods because I’m interested…

  2. Athena says:

    Hi there! We are still auctioning off Military Surplus. Our website is called Government Liquidation. Here is the link to our site Click on the ‘Event Calendar’ to view upcoming auctions. You can also find us on Facebook Let me know if you have questions! :-)

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