How to capture and destroy a BAD Alien

Case of the Mondays

I’m sure most of you have a case of the Mondays; therefore my blog for today will be brief.

Government Liquidation sells a TON of scrap metal. Today I’m going to discuss Aluminum and how you can use it for TEOTWAWKI scenarios.

Facts about Aluminum:

  • Aluminum is the most abundant metal in the Earth’s crust
  • Aluminum is not soluble in water
  • Aluminum is known for it’s low density and its resistance to corrosion
  • Aluminum is too reactive chemically to occur in nature a free metal
  • Aluminum is a valuable metal that is used in aerospace and other businesses that include transporting or building.
  • Aluminum can be recycled over and over again (Go green!)

Capture Your Very Own Alien!

Since Alien shows and movies are all the rage right now, I find it necessary to throw in another Alien invasion scenario for today.

We have to establish the difference between Good Aliens and Bad Aliens. If the next Alien invasion includes Aliens that are friendly like Paul o another cool teaser poster for greg mottola s alien comedy paul 1 300x144 How to capture and destroy a BAD Alien then you have nothing to worry about. He is a good Alien. The Aliens that you need to worry about are the Aliens that have come to colonize. For example, the Aliens in the movie ‘Signs’ were Bad Aliens. We want to capture and destroy the Bad Aliens.

Signs Alien 300x225 How to capture and destroy a BAD Alien

Bad Alien

How do we capture Aliens?

We are going to build an Alien jail cell.

Step 1 You will need to have several large Aluminum poles available. I chose Aluminum because it is easy to work with and welding it is no problem. Feel free to use whatever metal you want though. Be sure to measure the width of the poles so that you are prepared for Step 3.

33218108 300x225 How to capture and destroy a BAD Alien

Step 2 Designate a 10 ft x 10 ft square area in your backyard for your Alien jail.

Step 3 Dig holes that are large enough to insert your Aluminum poles into. Make sure your holes are 6 inches apart.

Step 4 Your 10 ft by 10 ft square should be completely outlined in Aluminum poles by now. Be sure to leave room for your door.

Step 5 There are a few options for a door. You can have a standard door that swings on hinges. Or you can have a large piece of sheet metal that you drop from the roof to cover the door opening once the Alien is inside. Be creative!

Step 6 Time to bring out your electric welder. We are going to create a roof with the remaining Aluminum poles.  Lay your Aluminum poles horizontal on top of the vertical poles. You only need a ½ inch space between all the poles on your roof. You want the roof to be sturdy enough to support a lot of weight.

Step 7 Using your crane (Because everybody owns a crane…), hold a large water container above the roof of the Alien jail.

Step 8 Be prepared to drop the water container onto the jail.

How do we get the Alien into the jail?

Aliens love Reese’s pieces. It’s just a fact. You will need to buy economy size bags of Reese’s pieces. Don’t eat any of the Reese’s pieces, though. You don’t want the Aliens to eat you. When you see an Alien start throwing Reese’s pieces at him. This will catch his attention. Start running towards your Alien Jail and continue dropping Reese’s pieces on the ground. Your Alien Jail floor should be covered in Reese’s pieces. The hungry, glutinous alien doesn’t stand a chance. Once inside quickly shut the door. A door may not be necessary since the Alien will be fixated on the glorious chocolate goodies in the jail cell. Now you will need to get to your crane and release the hold on the water container. Bad aliens are allergic to water (accept the ones in Battle: Los Angeles…) and they will die when the water covers them.

51bR7TDWl L 300x300 How to capture and destroy a BAD Alien

Alien Food

Congratulations! You have captured and destroyed your first alien.


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