Serious Question: Alien Invasion or a Zombie Apocalypse?

The subject line says it all, would you prefer an alien invasion or a zombie apocalypse? The only intelligent thing to do now would be to weigh the pros and cons.

Alien Invasion Pros

I think the only possible ‘pros’ to come from an Alien Invasion is if the Alien’s are nice (like Paul or ET) and they are able to teach us things.  That would probably be the only Pro… In my opinion.

2 1385 paul the alien 267x300 Serious Question: Alien Invasion or a Zombie Apocalypse?


et 5601 300x175 Serious Question: Alien Invasion or a Zombie Apocalypse?


Alien Invasion Cons

Well, everyone knows what Aliens like to do with their probey fingers.  That’s the first con. Second, the most likely reason the aliens are here is because they want to take all of our resources for themselves. We already have enough greedy people on Earth. We don’t need any help from extraterrestrials in that area. Third, bad Aliens will try to kill us all. Again, there is enough war amongst humanity. We don’t need any help from the Probey Aliens. Moving on.

warrior alien ref l 204x300 Serious Question: Alien Invasion or a Zombie Apocalypse?

Eek! Aliens!

Zombie Apocalypse Pros

I can see 2 pros with a Zombie Apocalypse. Let’s say we are able to develop some kind of technology that keeps the Zombie’s from wanting to eat us (Like in the movie Fido). We could all have free servants! The second Pro is that everyone would feel like they are in a real life video game with all the Zombies running around! The World could unite and destroy the Zombies together! Aww. Precious.

fido 300x200 Serious Question: Alien Invasion or a Zombie Apocalypse?

From the movie Fido

Zombie Apocalypse Cons

Can you imagine the stench in the air? Eww. Also, there are days when you just want to relax and the last thing you want to do is fight off some Zombies. Playing the same old video game can get boring.

Alien Vs Zombie

Who would win, aliens or zombies? Obviously the aliens would win. This gives the alien invasion another con because they would be taking away from OUR chance to kill some zombies. Lame.

I want your opinion!

If you HAD to choose… Would you choose an alien invasion or a zombie apocalypse? Tell us Why!

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5 Responses to Serious Question: Alien Invasion or a Zombie Apocalypse?

  1. Guest says:

    Zombie apocalypse, obviously. We would stand no chance against aliens. If they have the ability to travel across galaxies then why even bother landing on our planet? They would probably have some kind of technology that could wipe us out without ever setting foot on Earth. Most likely it wouldn’t be about resources, either; It would be about extermination. With an infinite amount of planets there would be no reason to come to Earth for resources. Earth would be attacked in order to eliminate a competitor.

  2. John says:

    I vote Zombie apocalypse as well. Easier to defend against.

  3. Fallsiar says:

    I think both scenario’s are fantastic! I want to see them both . All of the assholes here on earth nowadays, so pigheaded & arrogant, completely oblivious to whats really going on. I want a fucking Polaroid for this, Its going to be Legendary. Not to mention Jesus coming back, WW3 & all that shit ! Right on, these (Ignorant masses need a litttle puddin, seeing how thats where the proof is .. . . ) thats what I think, & your right Aliens are probably assholes too, they practically sprout  in this life.

  4. ZombieFanatic says:

    Zombie apocalypse ofcourse, we have no chance against aliens, if they exsist, it would be probably light years away in some other galaxy. So if they could stop at some ther planet for resources, why come to Earth? Probably because their so alien to us and before we realize whats happening, we’d be nuked or being killed off for our easily to obtain resources. With Zombies all you have to do is aim for the head and- boom, their dead for real. Alien’s would probably be so advanced than us, since they traveled at that way, we’d be instantly screwed. So yeah, I’d pick The Walking Dead before Falling Skies (tv shows) any time. :)

  5. Athena says:

    Haha. I LOVE your answer. I couldn’t agree more. I, too, would pick Walking Dead over Falling Skies. Did you see Prometheus? That made me think we would REALLY be screwed if there was an alien invasion.

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