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The lifestyle of a survivalist or prepper can seem overwhelming at times. Everybody wonders at some point, “where do I even start?” Most people will tell you start small. Listen to these folks. Taking on too many big projects will leave you feeling discouraged. Let’s start with one of the most important items to have ready in case of an emergency: A Bug Out Bag.

What’s A Bug Out Bag?

A bug out bag is also known as a GO bag, a 72-hour bag, a GOOD bag, and an emergency bag (among many other names).  A Bug Out Bag is not meant for long-term survival but for immediate emergency and evacuation. When a catastrophic event happens, and you need to Get Out Of Dodge, you won’t have time to grab all your emergency gear. The Bug Out Bag should be packed ahead of time (always plan for the unexpected). Everyone and their mother has an opinion on what to include in their Bug Out Bag. Again, the Bug Out Bag is meant to sustain you for only a few days (72 hours) while things back home settle down.  Here is my suggestion on what to include in the bag… [Remember, you know your family best! Include what YOU think you will need]

Bug Out Bag List

Water – Enough to drink and possibly cook with.

water bottles caps 300x225 Build A Bug Out Bag

Food -Check out Live Strong for a list of non-perishable food items.

Food Facts 300x300 Build A Bug Out Bag

Fire – You didn’t know that you could pack fire? Don’t be silly!. Pack water proof matches, lighters, or a magnesium fire starter.

fire meaney 252x300 Build A Bug Out Bag
Flashlight – Try not to pick a lot of items that require batteries. Batteries are just another heavy object you have to carry. However, having light is very important so I believe a flashlight is a must have item.

t6 1280 300x190 Build A Bug Out Bag

Knife  (Click here to view this lot) – Your knife will be your kitchen tool, your hunting weapon and your security ‘blanket’.

45277241 gl large thumb 300x224 Build A Bug Out Bag

Sleeping Bag/System (Click here to view this lot)– Whether it’s hot or cold, it will be important to have some kind of barrier between you and the ground when you are sleeping.

45519243 gl large thumb 300x224 Build A Bug Out Bag

Cold Weather Gear (Click here to view this lot) or Sun Screen – Depending on your location and the time of year, you will probably need one or the other. (It would be wise to have both, though)

45341769 gl large thumb 1 300x224 Build A Bug Out Bag

Tent (Click here to view this lot) – A small collapsible tent will be great for shelter.

45303173 gl large thumb 300x224 Build A Bug Out Bag

Boots (Click here to view this lot) – I think it’s wise to bring an extra pair of shoes in case of bad weather and in case you should find yourself walking more than you expected. Boots will protect your feet and give your ankles the support they need for hiking and walking on uneven terrain. Also, bring an extra pair of socks. It is extremely important to keep your feet dry.

45563984 gl large thumb 300x224 Build A Bug Out Bag

Medicine/Hygiene  – I would pack a small, plastic bag with the following: Ibuprofen, Vaseline (This will be your best friend when you start to chafe and get heat rashes from your backpack or clothing), Band Aids, Rubbing Alcohol, Cotton Balls, Feminine ‘items’ (These can be used for MANY things), Floss (Tooth/Gum pain is no joke), Tooth brush, Tooth paste, and Baby Wipes (Temporary shower solution).

2130526 300x300 Build A Bug Out Bag

Radio – Try to keep in the loop. It’s important to know if it safe to return home or if you should stay where you are.

old school radio image 300x300 Build A Bug Out Bag

Map and Compass – Forget the GPS. If you plan ahead, a paper map is all you need. Keep the map in a plastic zip lock to avoid any water damage.

us map 300x193 Build A Bug Out Bag

What’s In Your Bug Out Bag?

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  1. James Smith says:

    I include a map of all the rails on my home. 

    It can be a bit twitchy. If it’s down, give it a few hours. I just checked and it’s working.

    It includes roads so you can print the thing out, highlight your route and then put it in the plastic.

  2. Athena says:

    It’s working! Thanks for sharing the link! That’s an incredibly useful website.

  3. Grojtro says:

    I have bugout land available for cheap price. off the grid an north of LA in southern California. I will sell 20 acres complete with a 20′ buried cargo container with venting, a 2000 gallon water suppply also buried for $25,000 complete. All that you need to survive. If interested contact me at

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