What is the Perfect Prepper Christmas Gift?

Today’s blog is for people who want to give a gift this year that is useful and fun at the same time. If you are a survivalist or a prepper then I think this blog will be particularly interesting to you!

 65 Days Until Christmas!

We have 65 days until Christmas (Check Out The Christmas Clock here). That means you have 58 good days to complete your Christmas shopping, wrap your presents, and mail the gifts to your out of town family and friends.  I always suggest giving yourself a 7-day buffer before Christmas. Any last minute errands will be done with plenty of time.

Fun and Useful Prepper Gifts

A lot of preppers believe in giving gifts that only fit the prepper lifestyle. There’s nothing wrong with giving ‘useful’ gifts but it’s important to remember the spirit of Christmas, too. Give something they can enjoy now and rely on later as well. Here are just a few of my suggestions:


1)  Camelbaks – This is definitely a useful item that can be used now and when/if SHTF! These water packs can be used on hikes, walks, jogs… etc.

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2)  Winter Jacket – This is a practical gift. If you live in an area with brutal winters then you can never own enough winter jackets. Jackets are also a necessity if you there is an emergency.

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3)  Entrenching Tools – This one sounds like a stretch but really it’s not! Men love their tools (toys). Adding some Military Entrenching tools to the collection could score you some extra points this Christmas.  The tools could be used for yard work or landscaping projects.

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4)  Generator – Generators are always useful.  Whether you want to use the generator in your tool shed or you want to bring the generator on camping trips, you will always find SOME use for this machine.

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5)  Trailer – Depending what is going on in your life this can be a very helpful/useful present.  Trailer’s are useful for construction projects and moving house items when you are in the process of moving.

39001946 300x225 What is the Perfect Prepper Christmas Gift?

Now that you’ve seen my suggestions on the perfect Christmas Present, I’d like to hear what you think? What are you giving for Christmas this year?





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