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Serious Question: Alien Invasion or a Zombie Apocalypse?

TweetThe subject line says it all, would you prefer an alien invasion or a zombie apocalypse? The only intelligent thing to do now would be to weigh the pros and cons. Alien Invasion Pros I think the only possible ‘pros’ … Continue reading

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How to capture and destroy a BAD Alien

TweetCase of the Mondays I’m sure most of you have a case of the Mondays; therefore my blog for today will be brief. Government Liquidation sells a TON of scrap metal. Today I’m going to discuss Aluminum and how you … Continue reading

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Destroy Some Aliens With Military Surplus!

TweetSo, now that I’ve had a chance to tell everyone how awesome Battle: Los Angeles is, it’s time to discuss how we could kill some Aliens with Surplus. Here is the Situation: Aliens have come to Earth and they want … Continue reading

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Battle: Los Angeles = Winning!

TweetI just saw the movie Battle: Los Angeles. Personally, I think the Marine Corps should use this ENTIRE movie as their recruiting commercial. After watching the movie, I really wanted to pick up a grenade launcher.  Specifically, I want to … Continue reading

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